Location and Contact Information

Address: 207 Thompson Drive,

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3J 3E2

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Church Administration & Rental Space Information;

Ms Alison Norberg; Office Administrator

Phone: (204) 832-1000

Fax: (204) 832-5892

Email: sturgeonunited@shaw.ca

Mr Terry Barr

Music Director
Ms Renate Rossol

Minister's Email: scuc_minister@shaw.ca

Our church office is located at the church's south entrance,

Church Office hours;
Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 - 4;30 pm
Wednesday/Friday 9:00am - 1:30 pm


Sundays @ 10:30 am

*Please note that all areas of our church are wheelchair accessible.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017


Monday to Friday we welcome students and
teachers from Westgate Mennonite Collegiate!

SUNDAY                10:30am   Worship Service
                              12:30pm   Non Competitive Boxing (RR)
                                8:00pm   AA (Cavelier)

MONDAY                 6:30pm   Girl Guides (RR)
                               7:00pm   St James Art Club  (Cavelier)

                                 10:00am   Tone Chimers
                              6:00pm NC Boxing (RR) 
                              7:00pm  SCUC Council  (Sunrise)
                              8:00pm    AA (Cav)

                              7:00pm AA Step Study (Cav)

                                 5:15pm  TOPS 
                              6:00pm  NC Boxing (RR) 
                              7:00pm   Choir Practice (Sanct)
                              8:00pm   AA (Cav)

FRIDAY                9:00am   Portage Ave Food Bank
SATURDAY           9:00am   Lord Selkirk RFM Pipe Band
                              6:00pm   Cadet Band


     A Note from the Pastoral Care Committee

                 We so appreciate hearing from the congregation regarding
                anyone who would benefit from a card or a visit or a
                telephone call. We depend upon and are again asking
                for your continued assistance in this regard.
               We especially rely on this with regards to folks who
                are hospitalized.  Please pass along names and requests
                 to the church office (204 832-1000) or to
                 Barbara Plummer @ 204 837-6591 or to
                Judy Sawyer  @ 204 888-7773 

             JUST A WARM SLEEP  Last weeks loose offering
             from our shared Open Doors worship raised close to
             $750 for Just a Warm Nights Sleep at Augustine UC
               enough for 3 nights. This generous response for
              1Just City's challenge is AMAZING!! THANK YOU ALL!!                                

                      UPCOMING EVENTS

                              Pancake super at Church on Shrove Tuesday
                              Feb 28th @ 6pm  pancake sausages & fruit
                              Short intro & basket for silver collection
                            please rsvp Maureen at fsutton@mymts.net 
                            the Church is also hosting an APLEBEES
                                  Breakfast on MARCH 4th 8 - 10 am
                                 tickets $10 call Kathy @ 204 888-9170
           St Andrews Anglican (Woodhaven) Shrove Tuesday
                                   Pancakes @ 5PM in the Parish Hall
            March 3rd   World Day of Prayer This year being prepared
                                 by the women from the Philippines, with
                                 the theme "Am I being Unfair to You?"
                                 At Heritage Park Temple (Salvation Army)
                                 host for our area Friday 7pm 825 School Rd

             March 5th    SUNDAY  Celebration of Communion
                                         Marking the beginning of LENT
             March 12   Annual Meeting & Worship weaving together
                                    @ 10:30 am in Rainbow Room, potluck lunch
                                                    of sandwiches & cookies

                                SAVE THIS DATE !!!!!!!!!!

                  WEDNESDAY APRIL 19th 7PM

                        Sturgeon Creek United Church presents
                       the ELMER ISELER Choir in CONCERT

Saturday, November 24, 2012


     Sometimes Grief can seem overwhelming, but
       with the help of those who care we are able
    to process our sorrow. There are times when we can
    use some extra assistance dealing with the painful
    experience of grief recovery.

    For information or if interested please contact;
                   Janet Banks 204 888-4248 
         This is open to anyone in the wider Community
                  and there is no charge

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainbow Room Revival Project

We've Renovated!
The professional interior design firm of Grant Design Group Inc. was contracted to give us a detailed plan/blueprint for bringing our largest basement room up to modern, functional standards.
This has been accomplished!
Come and see the fantastic results!
Suitable for most celebration events
  • anniversaries
  • birthdays
  • group seminars
  • association meetings

Rainbow Room Rental Information is available please contact Alison
our office administrator in the Church office at 204 832- 1000
                                 Come and check it out !

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SCUC Foundation - Planned Giving

Planned Giving produces a gift made from accumulated assets rather than current income. Most common planned giving’s are made up of bequests, gifts of annuities, shares or other treasury instruments. These types of Gifts are a reflection of lifelong commitment and are included in their wills or other designated instrument.