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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

History of SCUC Foundation Inc.

A History

In early 2002 a group of Church members began preparations for a planned giving program and the formation of a Church Foundation to accomplish this initiative.
These deliberations produced a resolution duly approved by the congregation at its annual meeting in 2003 to develop a Foundation at Sturgeon Creek United Church. Over the next two years a constitution was developed, an operating bylaw drafted, and in 2005 the organization was duly certified and registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and the Province of Manitoba.
                    " The Foundation at Sturgeon Creek United Church will
                 support initiatives and innovative partnerships providing
                 a higher quality of life through spiritual development and
                  education, congregational outreach projects, and community
                    development including extraordinary requirements of
                     Sturgeon Creek United Church."
The Foundation shall provide funds periodically to other qualified charitable organizations in keeping with the Foundations Mission.
Through the ensuing years the Foundation has grown and supported a number of community initiatives. The year 2016 marked the 12th year of operation for the Foundation, and
through those years over $70,000 has been granted to Community Organizations.