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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SCUC Foundation - Planned Giving

Planned Giving produces a gift made from accumulated assets rather than current income. Most common planned giving’s are made up of bequests, gifts of annuities, shares or other treasury instruments. These types of Gifts are a reflection of lifelong commitment and are included in their wills or other designated instrument.
A very old man went out one day and on the land beside his house began planting fruit trees. A young man walked by and asked why he was planting trees the old man would not see fruit from in his lifetime. The old man explained, “ The fruit I have enjoyed in my lifetime came from trees planted by those before me. To express my thanks to them I am planting trees to give fruit to those who come after me.”
“An act of Gratitude from Celtic parables “
  by Van de Weyer
If you are considering leaving an asset to the Foundation in your will but need the tax benefit now consider a Charitable Remainder Trust. You simply make an irrevocable gift of that asset to the Foundation. Tax credits from that gift can be carried forward if too large to use immediately. The charitable remainder trust pays you an annual income from your principal and on your death the principal reverts to the Foundation.

Benefits to you
•    A tax receipt for the residual value of the donated asset.
•    Irrevocable trusts are not included in the value of your estate
•    Trusts can be administered by yourself, or a professional of your choice

Our Gift Planning consultant can prepare a personalized quotation for your use.

Please contact the SCUC Foundation office at (204) 832-1000 or
write to us at:  207 Thompson Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3J 3E2