Location and Contact Information

Address: 207 Thompson Drive,

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3J 3E2

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Church Administration & Rental Space Information;

Ms Alison Norberg; Office Administrator

Phone: (204) 832-1000

Fax: (204) 832-5892

Email: sturgeonunited@shaw.ca

Mr Terry Barr

Music Director
Ms Renate Rossol

Minister's Email: scuc_minister@shaw.ca

Our church office is located at the church's south entrance,

Church Office hours;
Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 pm - 4;30 pm
Wednesday/Friday 9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Sundays @ 10:30 am

*Please note that all areas of our church are wheelchair accessible.

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Visit us @ The Open Doors Project

Saturday, January 7, 2017

THE WEEK AT STURGEON CREEK June 11th - June 17th

Monday to Friday we welcome students and
teachers from Westgate Mennonite Collegiate!

SUNDAY              10:30 am   Worship Service          
                            12:30 pm   Westside Non Competitive Boxing (RR)
                              1:30 pm   Piano Recital (Sanctuary)
                              8:00 pm    AA  (Cav) 

MONDAY               9:00 am TracDyne Training (Sunrise)
                             7:00 pm St James Art Club
TUESDAY            9:00 am TracDyne Training (Sunrise)
                           10:00 am  Garden Clean Up
                             8:00 pm    AA (Cav)

WEDNESDAY       9:00 am TracDyne Training  (Sunrise)
THURSDAY          9:00 am TracDyne Training  (Sunrise)
                              5:15 pm TOPS   (sunrise)
                              8:00 pm AA (Cavalier)
FRIDAY                9:00 am  TracDyne Training (Sunrise)
SATURDAY           9:00 am Lord Selkirk Pipe Band
                                    garage Sale  (Parking Lot or RR)


                Next joint OPEN DOORS Service of Worship is
                               June 18th at Kirkfield Park UC
                           (Please Note - No Service @ SCUC )


             From the Pastoral Care Committee

                 We appreciate hearing from the congregation regarding
                anyone who would benefit from a card or a visit or a
                telephone call. We especially rely on this with regards to folks
                who are hospitalized.  Please pass along names and requests
                 to the church office (204 832-1000) or to
                 Barbara Plummer @ 204 837-6591 or to
                Judy Sawyer  @ 204 888-7773 

                         UPCOMING EVENTS



                (In support of St Mathews Maryland Community Ministry)
                  Featuring 13 Gardens in the community of Woodhaven
     Manitoba Tea and Craft sale will provide a mid-day break with
     refreshments, crafts and gardening vendors at St Andrews Anglican

                  (Volunteers are needed for both morning and afternoon shifts)
                               Garden Tours from 10am - 4pm   $15


Silver Heights UC Unit #5 UCW invite women from
       all the United Churches in St James to a
                  Dessert Party at the Church
               Wednesday June 14th @ 7:00 pm